Privacy by default

Almost purely by its nature in coming from corporate resources, all company data is sensitive. That’s why our extract-transform-load system automatically takes steps to anonymize sensitive data and make sure that in the event of a data breach your exposure is limited.

Besides that we have several security measures in place to make sure data is kept secure and access severely restricted.

EU-based cloud storage

We use Amazon AWS servers (i.e. cloud servers) located in the EU as our default option. It’s not required by GDPR but it makes some people feel more secure. Your data can be stored in a different AWS region if you prefer.

On-premises solutions

We understand that some clients prefer managing their own datasets directly as opposed to using our servers. While we prefer using our own servers to transform and prepare data for loading, we can use externally hosted databases assuming we’re given access rights and our client understands that we cannot be held responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their infrastructure.

Note that data in an on-premises setup as described above will still pass through our servers, but only for the transformation step. Data will not be stored permanently in this case.

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With us you’ll always get:

  1. A no-surprises recurring low flat monthly fee per project
  2. In many cases no additional costs to add extra data connections or exports for a project! It’s all included in the monthly fee for the project.
  3. Reliable data integrations with automatic daily updates
  4. Source data structure changes? Or you need to export in a different format? Not a problem!

Tell me a bit about what type of data you’re trying to integrate, and we’ll soon be on our way!