Need help making sense of it all? We can help!

We have experience connecting all sorts of datasets together, and bringing them together in a coherent reporting tool such as a dashboard.

Web analytics

  • Are leads coming in from the site actually converting to sales?
  • How many visitors am I getting to my digital assets, and from where?
  • Are people following the right path?

CRM and Marketing Automation data

  • Are people reading nurturing campaign emails?
  • Are prospects filling out forms?
  • How many people of a certain persona can I contact?

High-level campaign analytics

  • What is the ROI of my current sales drive?
  • Where can I re-allocate budgets on my campaign to have a bigger impact?

Live vital statistics

  • How many calls are still in queue?
  • How many support tickets are still open?

Complete sales funnels

  • How many prospects do I have in my funnel?
  • How long does it take to close a deal?
  • Are my marketing expenditures lower than the profit I’m making on sales?

Over the years we’ve built dashboards that fit on everything from phones and laptops, to large displays, watches, and even a few very custom displays (think: Raspberry Pi device).

Let’s get you set up with a new dashboard!

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