Complex integrations delivered to you daily!

Fresh data, daily

Data is like produce: if it isn’t fresh, it isn’t good.

Our integrations extract data from any source your data is located at, such as databases, CRM setups, Marketing Automation platforms, analytics tools, clearance houses, and pure API links. But we don’t stop there, datasets are then transformed so they’re ready to be loaded to your dashboards.

We process millions of data points every day so client data is ready to go in the morning!

Best of all: we extract, transform and load based on a low flat monthly fee. Contact us for more information.

Automatic daily extraction

Our bespoke software extracts even the most complex and abstract datasets. By the time you wake up you’ll have the latest data!

Ready to use datasets

Raw datasets are transformed per your specifications so you don’t need to do any complex math in your dashboards.

Simple monthly fee

We charge a low flat monthly fee per project you host with us. In many cases you can add more data connections or data exports for free under this plan.

Service Included

Unlike the other guys, we don’t make you do the heavy lifting. We’ll set up and manage your data connections at no extra charge!

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